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ESH Manager




Colorado Springs, CO






Full Time


The ESH Manager oversees and manages the personnel, resources, and daily activities of the ESH Department, under the direct supervision of the Protective Services Director. The ESH Manager is responsible for helping the Protective Services Director with developing, implementing, and consulting on the policies, programs, and procedures within the Vectrus Environment, Safety & Health Management System (ESHMS) related to all contracts across Vectrus. The ESH Manager helps prioritize activities focusing on accident prevention and loss control as a major functional activity. Will develop plans, coordinate, direct, administer and oversee the comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety Programs, as required by corporate policy or governmental regulations, for all program work locations of across Vectrus and its subsidiaries. The ESH Manager will conduct Staff Assistance Visits and Audits to identify areas of nonconformance to the ESH Program and works directly and indirectly with staff and line management to develop and implement Action Plans that assure corporate risk minimization or elimination of risk. The ESH Manager will provide advice and guidance to operating and functional staff organizations on matters pertaining to environment, safety & occupational health concerning potential operational ESH, and recommend solutions to mitigate risks and hazards. The ESH Manager will serve as an advisor to the senior leadership in areas of conflict resolution with federal, state and local regulating agencies. Assists corporate attorneys in preparing affirmative defenses for notices of alleged and/or amendments to existing work contracts to identify unusual ESH terms, conditions, or requirements that carry risk for the corporation, evaluates and sizes the risk; and develops strategies to mitigate and/or eliminate these concerns.

MAJOR JOB ACTIVITIES: Must be able to team and partner with functional areas in order to develop and maintain an ESH program that addresses organizational culture or climate issues, return-to-work programs, training, changing employee behaviors, influencing managers, sharing tools and technology, improving legal and regulatory compliance, boosting employee morale, etc. Actions must include the following: · Influence and integrate ESH with operations, planning, design and engineering, to ensure that environmental aspect and impacts and safety risks are designed out of proposed process, plant or equipment changes, and/or are considered in acquisitions or expansion plans. · Ensure Corporate social responsibility by integrating environment, safety and health considerations into the organization’s sustainability program. · Environmental protection and management, to include the handling and storage of hazardous materials, indoor air quality issues, training and regulatory compliance. 1. Plans, coordinates, administers, and oversees all environment, safety and health program activity carried out across the Vectrus organization. Indirectly supports and oversees Vectrus’ ESH Programs worldwide in response to requirements of corporate, federal, state and other agencies. Coordinates with and provides direction to ESH Managers, Supervisors, and/or Coordinators as required.2. Conducts facility surveys (staff assistance visits and audits) to evaluate the effectiveness of local programs and identifies areas of nonconformance or potential liability for the corporation. Assist program management in developing and implementing Action Plans that will lead to successful mitigation or elimination of adversities. Conducts follow-on monitoring of progress to keep senior management informed of the status of progress and assists with ensuring that the desired outcome is achieved.3. In conjunction with other departments, analyzes Request for Proposal (RFP) customer requirements and/or amendments to existing work contracts to identify unusual ESH terms, conditions, or requirements that carry potential risk for the corporation. Evaluates and sizes the associated risks and develop strategies to mitigate or eliminate those risks. Provides input and reviews proposals prior to their release for technical accuracy and completeness in approach to meet customer requirements in a manner which assures worker, environmental, natural resource, and Vectrus protection.4. Provides professional guidance and advice to the senior leadership and functional Vectrus line management regarding application of work practices to assure conformance with current and anticipated worker protection and environmental standards. Reviews current and changes to environmental and worker protection laws, standards, and regulations; and identifies requirement changes to management that have an impact on Vectrus operations. Develops and implements programs to address new requirements and concerns.5. Serves as a staff advisor to the, Vectrus senior leadership team in areas of conflict resolution with federal, state and local regulating agencies. Assists corporate attorneys in preparing affirmative defenses for notices of alleged environmental and worker protection violations. When required, provides expert testimony to regulatory review commissions or the court.6. Participates as a team leader or member on Vectrus Corporate Directed Environment, Safety, and Health Audits conducted across Vectrus facilities. Following the release of the Audit Exceptions Report, coordinates with the program’s management and provides support to develop a Corrective Action Plan and reviews the program’s progress and adherence to the Action Plan schedule. Reviews data and provides reports for monthly business review as well as reports for the quarterly progress reports.7. Coordinates and has oversight responsibility for the conduct of the Vectrus Occupational Health Program. Reviews job requirements and identifies to management those work processes with known inherent occupational exposures that can adversely impact an employee’s health. Reviews highly technical industrial hygiene reports and evaluates findings to determine employee exposure risk to chemical, physical, biological and/or ergonomic agents of influence. Reports qualified or quantified employee exposures to the supporting medical provider and recommends appropriate examination protocols for pre-placement and periodic medical surveillance.8. Compiles and analyzes accident, injury and property loss data to identify root cause relationships and trends that can adversely impact workers compensation costs; and assists with formulating Corrective Action Plans in conjunction with appropriate management to bring about a reduction of incidence and lower insurance related costs.9. As required, prepares and submits highly technical and routine reports, letters and other correspondence to and for internal and external customers. Routinely prepares and submits reports in response to queries from regulatory agencies (e.g., EPA, OSHA).10. Reviews, analyzes and assesses the impact of externally generated industrial hygiene reports of findings, and formulates appropriate actions to mitigate corporate risk.11. Assists Program Managers in candidate selection for open ESH positions by providing guidance on appropriate qualifications. Provides input for consideration of qualified internal and/or external candidates12. Recommends programs appropriate to enhance the training and development of program ESH Managers, Supervisors, and/or Coordinators.13. Reviews operational plans and specifications for project start-ups or close-outs to ensure that appropriate ESH considerations are addressed and the requirements are carried out.14. Supports budget management activities to include annual recommendations for safety, health and environmental program management. It also includes providing estimates for projects or other new business opportunities as required. MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT DIRECTLY USED: Environment, safety and health professional and technical references (i.e., laws, standards, regulations, guides). Personal computer with various technical and administrative support applications. Industrial hygiene and other scientific equipment (air, water, and biological monitoring). WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Work environment 70% office 30% travel and on-site project activity (i.e., site assessment, audits). Position has the potential for exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents of influence.PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: Work requires a high degree of physical stamina. Lifting, stooping, bending, climbing and wearing of personal protective equipment to include a respirator.


 MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:Education/Certifications: One year related experience may be substituted for one year of education, if degree is required.Bachelors Degree in Environmental Health, Industrial Hygiene, Safety Engineering or other engineering or science degree with courses in Environmental Management, Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety.Experience:Seven to ten years environmental, safety and health Program Management and administration. Appropriate certifications are desired.Skills:Requires a body of knowledge of advanced and current physical and biological sciences, accident prevention and loss control programs, safety and environmental legal aspects, and environmental engineering concepts, principles and techniques in the specialist field of environmental, safety and health.


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